Did you know that feminine and masculine do not exist without each other and that we all have both energy within us?

Yes! As a woman You are a blend of both masculine and feminine!

The masculine energy is known as Shiva and is symbolized by the sun, the feminine energy is known as Shakti and is symbolized by the moon.
Bringing the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine into balance and harmony has the profound power to heal the Earth.
When our body is subject to blockages due to toxins, emotional trauma, stress we reduce our capacity to create and move our energies. Balancing the masculine and feminine energy plays a major role in our physical, emotional and spiritual health and bring you into harmonious relationship within yourself, others and the entire Universe

Our therapy helps you bridge the gap between your masculine channel that governs the right side of your body and feminine channel that governs the left side of your body and reach the central channel that provides a clear and joyful mind for meditation and self-realization.


Your body is a temple and we are the priest who need to worship it. In this holistic approach we relight the fire in your body -mind- spirit and emotions to be able to hear your inner voice. We bring you a mix of different healing techniques, using the sound, touch and vibrations of singing bowls working on the restoration and healing of your energy center -(chakras), followed by Thai yoga massage with marma – Meridian points (an Ayurvedic treatment with warm oil based on your body type – dosha – including aroma therapy). This work might be painful as the work is on balancing the masculine and feminine sides of the body.  Overall it brings a feeling of grounding and letting go with complete restoration and relaxation. After the therapy it is recommended to swim, sit in the sun or sleep to completely restore your inner self.



Shantaram has studied the traditional style of yoga – yantra – mantra and tantra with Ayurveda and has an eastern approach from Bihar School of Yoga to other amazing masters around the world.
He provides spiritual energy just like roots provide nutrition to the flowers.
Doing what passionate him the most gives him complete satisfaction to bring out the best in you..