“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Experience a master blend of exotic bodywork from ancient Indian techniques personalized to help awaken your senses.


Yoni Shiatsu Massage Therapy!

Is a pelvic wellness modality for women. It is a gentle and respectful ‘guided tour’ of your most mysterious region – the incredible female pelvis. 

 “Every woman deserves a yoni healing session…and in my humble opinion, EVERY woman would benefit from it!

I found myself taking a curiosity in this work – but I was quite frankly terrified and didn’t think I could ever be brave enough to ‘go there’. When they say ‘face the fear and do it anyway’ – this was definitely one of those moments for me!

My Therapist guided me through my trauma with such care, grace and absolute honoring. It was fascinating to feel parts of myself that I had NEVER ever felt. I can’t really put in to words what transpired… Except that it was one of the most profound and deeply healing experiences of my life!

This work is absolutely essential, I cannot recommend it enough – Even if it is just to get to know your own yoni better. For me, it was life changing in the best possible way”.

Clarie , UK


’Yoni’ is the Sanskrit word for vagina, meaning ‘sacred space’. The vagina is indeed a sacred space, it is literally the place from which human life is birthed!

Yet many of us don’t exactly love and honour our vaginas. When we aren’t judging our Yoni for how it measures up to the airbrushed and photoshopped standards we see in porn, we are often either pushing for a quick pleasure peak or allowing ourselves to be penetrated without feeling totally ready.

Yoni massage Therapy gives you an opportunity to discover the potential of your Yoni, and to come to a place of wholeness, love, respect and honouring for yourself – getting to know yourself on a deeper level.

It is a holistic modality that embraces all aspects of the self: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and sexual.

Even though we sometimes work quite specifically, there’s nothing we are trying to change or fix, no place to get to, and no pushing or forcing. Yoni Mapping sessions are about being present with whatever is arising, without judging it or labelling it as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. We’re just exploring and learning about YOUR unique body and pelvic space.

All of you is welcome and accepted – whatever that looks like!

What happens in a Yoni Massage healing Therapy session?

Initial Yoni Massage Therapy sessions are always 3 hours long and are a combination of:

  • Coaching / Talk Therapy and initial consultation– we sit down and have an informal chat about what’s going on for you. There’s space to share ANYTHING that feels important – all of you is welcome!
  • Education related to pelvic wellness, pleasure, anatomy etc – we support you to fill relevant gaps as much as we can.
  • Nurturing whole body massage– relaxing bodywork to arrive fully in the body and open yourself to receive.
  • Therapeutic abdominal & pelvic massage– releasing tension and congestion in the belly and pelvis, bringing more blood flow, relaxation and sensitivity.
  • Gentle external and internal vaginal massage and mapping

If you feel comfortable to proceed (consent is a big part of this work!)  We work gently externally and internally to release tension and restore blood flow, sensitivity and awareness.

You are oriented to your internal pelvic landscape – we are in communication the whole time, following physical sensation and emotions that arise as different areas are touched and massaged.

We navigate through your Yoni, exploring areas of numbness, restriction, disconnection and muscle tension. Together, we literally create a map of your innermost world – discovering what feels tight, what feels relaxed, what feels good, where certain emotions might arise, how your internal pelvic sensitivity is, and more.

Afterwards, most women feel more aliveness and sensation in the pelvis, a deeper connection with their body and newfound sense of respect for their vagina. Every session is completely different because every woman is unique.

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The Body is a map of our emotions and we all go through a wave of them each day and with the mind trying to give way to the logic and the conditioning of the society sometimes our intuition and the inner voice can’t be heard clearly. only till we retune our self to the frequency of our receiver, by working on the restoration and healing of energy center -chakras and balancing the masculine and feminine sides of the body, overall its it brings a feeling of grounding and letting go with complete restoration and complete relaxation




Sound is the most powerful medium for natural healing. It’s being use for thousands of years and is based on over 5000 years of Indian medicine

Sound healing is very effective therapy to cure stress, depression, anxiety and many mental and physical disorders

Sound energy provides you with vital energy to remain positive, removes negative emotions and attracts wealth and prosperity in your life.

It makes you vibrate with positive energy creating a kind of blissful harmony in your life and surrounding. It increases mental strength and helps you get yourself in unity with the supreme energy..

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We bring you a mix of different healing techniques, using the sound, touch and vibrations of singing bowls working on the restoration and healing of your energy center -(chakras), followed by Thai yoga massage with marma – Meridian points (an Ayurvedic treatment with warm oil based on your body type – dosha – including aroma therapy).


Using only traditional method and a mix of aroma oil blends to give your body and scenes a pleasure and rejuvenate your body mind and spirit

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